PFLAG Chestertown was created as part of a grassroots effort to establish a voting base for the passage of the Marriage Equality Bill in 2011. We have found many new ways to be involved in important legislative efforts since that bill became law in 2012. We work at the local level to help families navigate schools and support services and at the state level to fight against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and support more protections for LGBTQ+ members and families.

PFLAG advocates for LGBTQ+ equality through civil rights legislation and legal protections. PFLAG National has filed numerous briefs amici on behalf of all PFLAG members, sharing family voices to amplify our message: love is love, family is family, marriage is marriage. Through our legal arguments and these firsthand accounts by parents, grandparents, siblings, and couples and their children, we demonstrate that current marriage laws discriminate against people who are gay or lesbian by relegating their relationships to inferior status and repudiating the legal argument that same-sex couples joining in marriage pose risks for the institution of marriage and threaten children. Additionally, we have filed briefs amici on the dangerous practice of so-called “reparative therapy.”